The Story Behind the Title: “The Tourist Killer”

In a recent author interview, conducted by Juneta Key, readers hear how the title of “The Tourist Killer” came about.

Here’s the question and answer:Author-1-sml-BW

Interviewer, Juneta Key: I guess even assassins need a vacation—tell us a bit about that premise.
FCEtier: I’m a loyal fan of the double entendre. I wanted a title that would be just that, so I wrote into the storyline that Claudia becomes a tourist herself before each assignment. After she’s made her plans and worked out the details of her next job, she takes a vacation. It helps her deal with the stress of preparation and clear her mind for the matter at hand.

The entire interview can be found HERE.

Find out even more in this video interview:

NEXT: Meet John Hixon, Claudia’s significant other.

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One Response to The Story Behind the Title: “The Tourist Killer”

  1. You have a new/old fan. I so enjoy the idea of a woman assassin. Only twice before did I learn of a woman in this profession. One in The Sting and One in Prizzi’s Honor. I do believe this is a job I could have excelled in during my early years. Raising too many kids stopped my progress however and you need a steady hand which I no longer have. Oh well. I am now a follower-as if you didn’t guess. From day one, we clicked. After all, we both lived in North West, Louisiana and have much in common.


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